FastPulse Wellness Solutions

Corporate wellnessFastPulse in its corporate wellness model uniquely provides the human touch through personal contact and decision support by Registered Professional Nurses.

It is the human touch through personal contact that differentiates us from others in the industry.
We pride ourselves on our high level of outreach whereby people in need are identified and approached in a non-confrontational manner to ensure that they receive the care they need.

Typically wellness programmes that rely on employees to self-enrol do not reach the most vulnerable people.

FastPulse Wellness Solutions

designs and implements wellness programs to suit company requirements.

These solutions encompass lifestyle management, health monitoring, wellness education, primary health / occupational health care, as well as employee assistance in matters relating to trauma, family and financial issues.

FastPulse History

FastPulse - Wellness Solutions is a division of Private Health Administrators™ (PHA) which was founded in 1992 as a Managed Care Organisation and Medical Scheme Administrator with a strong focus on employee wellness and assistance.

FastPulse was established in 2009 as separate division specifically to serve and render value add services to Corporate Clients irrespective of which medical scheme they may belong to or whether they have employees currently unfunded.

Some of these services were previously provided for under the Private Health Administrators™ banner integrated with medical scheme administration and managed care and we identified a need for wellness solutions that extend beyond medical scheme membership.

Our Vision and Values

FastPulse believes in strategic and integrated healthcare management solutions including health modification practices to assist employer groups and employees regain control of their health and ensuring the best outcomes for treatment or procedures that they may need.

Healthy workforce