Awareness & Screening

Awareness & ScreeningFastpulse adopts a patient-centric, proactive approach to manage a holistic environment for employees and promote wellness in the workplace. We can provide a range of health screening services to identify employees with undiagnosed or uncontrolled chronic diseases.

Unlike some other “wellness day” providers, we undertake to follow-up, monitor, treat and refer (where necessary) employees with chronic illnesses as well as provide appropriate health education.

Health Screening promotes employee awareness, personal health and well being. Health screening assists the employer with benchmarking the overall wellness of the workforce. The results of a corporate wellness day could assist the employer with planning strategic wellness programs to improve productivity and decrease absenteeism.

Fastpulse can deliver health education programs as part of your employee wellness program (corporate wellness) that cover a comprehensive range of issues.

We customise the content to suit your specific requirements as well as supporting National Health campaigns. These include HIV/AIDS training and education, health coaching, health and safety, health fairs and screening programs as well as nutritional and substance abuse advice.

Fastpulse Registered Professional Nurses will educate your employees to look after their own, and in many instances their family's well being before it affects their performance at work.

Prevention is always better than cure. Especially when you're trying to build a healthy business.

HIV Screening