Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance ProgramsNot all employees have access to support systems to deal with significant or unexpected issues that can negatively affect their performance at work

Their problems become business problems as productivity declines, stress induces absenteeism and extra pressure is unfairly exerted on colleagues.

Fastpulse Employee Assistance provides staff in need with a trained professional who will counsel and refer as necessary on issues such as:


Victims of crime, abuse, accidents and injury on and off site, loss of loved ones etc.


Solvency solutions and avoidance advice.


Advice, support and programs to assist with managing stressful situations and events, whether at home or at work

Marital and Family

Practical guides to creating a stable and supportive home environment.

Substance Abuse

Counseling, rehabilitation program recommendations and how to address the issue with seniors.

We can provide EAP on site or through a call centre model with face to face referrals.

If you don't have the resources to lend a supportive ear, talk to us about doing the listening for you.

Employee Assistance Programs