Employee Health & Wellness

Invest in your staffWhether you are a multinational business with a large workforce or a small enterprise with a handful of employees, human capital is an organization's most valuable asset and employee health and wellness is no longer a “soft issue”.

We understand that each and every organization is different and that the effects an individual’s health and wellness has on a business is never simple or without complications. We can assist you by addressing your employees' needs around emotional well being, chronic health conditions, HIV/AIDS and supporting wellness in the workplace. The result is a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

We offer specialized support and give direction in making the right choices that build a healthy workplace for the duration of your employee's employment with you through our employee wellness programs that have a positive and direct impact on the individuals and add to your bottom line.

We understand that thriving organizations rely on motivated healthy people to prosper. Fastpulse supports organizations through the promotion of health and well-being of their employees to improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.

We offer a range of options from:

  • Executive Health & Wellness solutions including Travel Medicine.
  • Wellness Coaching.
  • Health & Wellness Fairs
  • Dedicated training and coaching sessions for chronic diseases including cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and obesity

All of which will be fully customized to your organizational needs and requirements after completing a needs analysis of the organization.

Investing in your staff