HIV/Aids Programs

HIV/Aids ProgramsFastpulse's proactive approach to disease management helps save lives, provides HIV positive employees with education, on-going support, advice counselling and assists them in living healthy and happy lives through careful management chronic disease.

We can provide the following services to your organisations:

  • Workplace HIV/AIDS Policies.
  • Wellness Day events, including World AIDS Day campaigns.
  • Voluntary Counselling and Testing for HIV/AIDS.
  • Onsite counselling and support by qualified health professionals.
  • Ongoing Management and follow-up of HIV positive employees.
  • Biological monitoring (blood test) of employees on ART if treatment is part of the organisational strategy or ensure referral to local clinic.
  • AIDS Rating - to identify key risks in the workplace and track progress on an annual basis,
  • Continuous provision of ART and vitamins according to the standards of the South African HIV Clinicians Society.
  • Compliance and adherence monitoring.
  • Initiate investigations for the diagnosis of TB where indicated, according to established and recognised standards and guidelines, and refer to TB clinics where treatment is required.
  • Reporting (protecting employee confidentiality).
Optimal care